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We are a professional outsourced sales force

Strategy & Relentless Determination

Goldreedpro is the leading provider of sales and marketing outsourcing services that help manufacturers enter new markets, reduce cost, boost sales and increase revenue through cost effective strategies.

We are meticulous and innovative sales professionals with the skills, relationships and the knowledge to deliver results.

Our team takes genuine interest in your business to acquire new customers, ensure market exposure and provide the infrastructure required to scale sales and generate meaningful pipeline and revenue growth.

Sales & Marketing

Goldreedpro helps manufacturers capture the market, develop channels, increase share and reduce cost through  value-added services, We elaborate a strong marketing strategy to deliver results.

 Market Research

Our experts employ best practices to systematically gather, record and analyze data to help launch new products/services  and expand into new markets.

Planning & Forecasting

Goldreedpro helps identify and define customer needs and problems. This helps give visibility and predictability to the future of service operations.


Goldreedpro takes primary responsibility for the promotion and distribution of our principal's products or services into contracted territories.

Channel Partners

We  can stock your products in our warehouse, pull orders, ship to customers and keep accurate inventory. We also expose samples in our showroom.

Customer Base

Goldreedpro helps principals make lasting improvements of their sales investment and  increase market presence while building long-term relationships.

How we work

Diligence - Loyalty - Discipline

Sales Representation

Goldreedpro virtually creates your office where our sales agents and engineers sell and secure orders on your behalf, plus  installations and maintenance operations.

Challenge Status Quo

Our integrated sales and marketing outsourcing experts offer manufacturers a cost effective alternative to the traditional sales and marketing model.


Customized Strategy

Goldreedpro elaborates a consultative approach drawn from its experience to present broad-based solutions to customer problems with a holistic strategy. 

" You have a product or service you want to market, we'll sell it "